Gedenktag 9. 11. 2019

Make the memorial visible with your visit!

On 9 November 2019, at the memorial for the Lockenhauser victims of the Shoa, candles will be available on site.

Commemoration of the November pogroms of 1938.

In memory of Johanna Stössel, her family and the Jewish neighbours of Lockenhaus.

Johanna Stössel from Lockenhaus would have turned 90 this year on 9 November 2019. On 9 November 1938 she would have celebrated her 9th birthday. On that day she was in Vienna, where she had lived since her expulsion from Burgenland in the spring of 1938. In the second district of Vienna she was a witness - today one would say a contemporary witness - of what happened in Vienna on 9 November 1938: a screaming, looting, destroying, murdering mob that moved through the districts of Vienna and had everything that was Jewish as its enemy. In Lockenhaus it was probably quiet that evening. The Jewish population had already been expelled. The left behind facilities of the houses and the temple were already confiscated and disappeared in the course of weeks, months and decades. What really happened that evening in Lockenhaus is not known. Johanna Stössel probably did not celebrate her 9th birthday on 9 November 1938. She trembled for her life.

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