Gedenk - 20. April

20 April is a special day for the commemoration of the Jewish population in Lockenhaus. On this day, as Dr. Süss wrote in a letter in 1939, the "departure" from Lockenhaus took place. Today we know that it was not a departure but an expulsion and deportation.

It is usually a matter of putting together small pieces of a mosaic at the right time so that a clearer picture of a person one is looking for emerges. A life story finds its way to a name or vice versa. Matches in dates take place. The research of the past months were successful. There is more light on the Jewish history of Lockenhaus.

13 Shoa victims from Lockenhaus, whose names are already written on the Shoa memorial in Lockenhaus, have been known so far. Since the latest research in the past weeks and months, many more Jews born in Lockenhaus have now been identified as victims of the Shoa.

The following four names mentioned several times in archives and chronicles could finally be assigned. They are siblings of Max and Emanuel Stössel, another four children of Wolf Stössel and Sophie Gerstl:

Berta Rosenthal, née Stössel, 1884

Hermine Rosenthal, née Stössel, 1882

Moritz Stössel, born 1878

Eugenie Stössel, born 1888, died 1941 in Vienna

Berta Rosenthal, Hermine Rosenthal and Moritz Stössel went to Hungary around the year 1921, they lived in different villages near the Austrian border (Vasszécseny, Gérce, Egyházasfalu). According to information from a Hungarian securities bank in 1966, all three siblings, Moritz with his wife and only son, Hermine Rosenthal with her husband and four children and Berta Rosenthal, were deported and, according to information in Yad Vashem, died in Auschwitz in 1944.

According to the "House chronicle of Perl", Eugenie (Jenny) Stössel owned the house at Hauptstraße 37, which she allegedly sold in 1932 (according to the "Arisierungsakten" in the "Landesarchiv Burgenland" there is no purchase contract). She lived first in Wr. Neustadt and later in Vienna. The circumstances of her death at the age of 54 in Vienna on 17 March 1941 are unknown.

It was previously unknown that there were four other siblings of Emanuel and Max Stössel. Their names appeared in various archives and chronicles, but could not be assigned until now. One mosaic stone after the other, one memory stone after the other...

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