Recha Deutsch (Stössel)

Robert Meir Blum writes in "Family Roots" about Recha Stössel, born 1890 in Lockenhaus, daughter of Max Mordechai Zwi and Hadas: "...was deported to Poland in 1942, and died there". However, there is no reliable data about her fate and that of her husband Yaakov Deutsch and their daughter Berta. The following information is taken from the memorial sheets that Shmuel Deutsch(Rechas son) filled out in Yad Vashem.

Recha Rakhel Deutsch (née Stössel) was born in Lockenhaus in 1890. She was the daughter of Mordechai and Hadas/Rosy (Shoshana). She was a housewife and married to Yaakov Deutsch. Recha was deported to Modliborzyce, Poland with her daughter Berta in 1942.
Source of this information: Memorial sheet Yad Vashem, submitted by her son Shmuel Deutsch

Shmuel Deutsch

Jacob Yaakov Deutsch was born in Burgenland, Austria in 1886. He was a grocer and married Recha/Rakhel, née Shtosel (Stössel) from Lockenhaus. Before the Second World War he lived in Burgenland, Austria. He was deported to Poland (according to the page of testimony to Lvov/Lemberg) during the night of pogroms on 10 November 1938 and has been considered missing since then. Sources of this information: Page of testimony in Yad Vashem, submitted by his son Shmuel Deutsch and "Das Haus Stössel" by Robert Meir Blum.

Berta Beila Deutsch. She was the daughter of Yaakov and Rakhel, born in 1929, and together with her mother was deported to Modliborzyce.
Source of this information: Page of testimony in Yad Vashem, submitted by her brother Shmuel Deutsch.