Moritz Stössel

Moritz Stössel, born on 2 January 1921 in Lockenhaus, died on 5 March 1945 in Dachau

Last place of residence in Austria before deportation: Vienna 2, Herminengasse 10/3a
He was an unskilled worker (information in the transport list, source:

Moritz Stössel was deported from Vienna to Theresienstadt together with his parents and four siblings. Then, however, he was brought to Auschwitz 10 days before them and deported to Dachau only one day after his family had arrived, also in Auschwitz. It is not known whether he saw his family in Auschwitz that day or whether he knew of their arrival.

Deportation from Vienna to Theresienstadt: Date of deportation: 01.10.1942
Transfer from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz: Date of transfer: 29.09.1944
2. transfer from Auschwitz to Dachau: Date of 2nd transfer: 10.10.1944

The fate of the seven-member Stössel family (Max and Regina and the children Wilhelm, Moritz, Sofie, Gertrude and Johanna) leaves us speechless. They all wanted to stay together and therefore the parents did not send their two youngest children to England on a possible, and perhaps life-saving, children's transport. In Vienna, a passage to Trieste for the whole family had already been paid for by a forwarding agency, and subsequently it was intended for a Maccabi transport to Bolivia - the Maccabi World Sports Federation tried to help here with an aid fund - but it was too late. The family could not save themselves, they were deported to Theresienstadt in October 1942.

Fam Stössel
Moritz Stössel, on the right side (photo: Yad Vashem)