Maier "Maitsch" Stössel

Maier Maitsch Stössel, born on March 5th 1905 in Lockenhaus, died probably 1942 in Modliborzyce near Lublin in Poland

Last place of residence in Austria before deportation: Vienna 2, Malzgasse 2/12a
Deportation from Vienna to Modliborzyce: Date of deportation: march 5th 1941

Further information about Modliborzyce at his aunt Julie
There is a small anecdote about Maier Stössel from the report "Family Roots" by Robert Meir Blum:

„When I was a child on a summer holiday in Lockenhaus, I was astonished to see my cousin Maier (Maitsch Stössel) ploughing a field. He prepared the field for planting potatoes. It was the first time I saw a Jewish farmer in front of me."(Robert Meir Blum in „Familienwurzeln“)

photo of Maier Maitsch Stössel c Yad Vashem

Maier Maitsch Stössel
The Jewish farmer Maier Maitsch Stössel