Dr. Samuel Alexander Süss

Dr. Samuel Alexander Süss, born on 18.3.1864, originally came from Kisjenö, at that time Hungarian, today the town is located in Romania. He was married to Ernestina Biringer and was the community doctor in Lockenhaus. In 1931 he retired as medical councillor. After their expulsion from Lockenhaus, Dr. Süss and his daughter Irene lived in Flossgasse 3/5 in Vienna's 2nd district until their deportation. They were not deported together.

Dr. Süss was deported on 28.7.1942 and died on 29.12.1942 in the concentration camp Theresienstadt in the then so-called Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, today the Czech Republic. There is a death notice from the Theresienstadt camp, in which a cardiac insufficiency is given as the cause of death.
There are some tales and stories about Dr. Süss, which some people from Lockenhaus still remember today. In tales of contemporary witnesses he is described as a competent doctor, but above all as a charitable and good person. Thus he is said to have said: "What should I charge you, you have nothing yourself" and "Why should I go away or hide. I have not done anything to anyone". His last hours in Lockenhaus, shortly before the "departure for Vienna" (1), must have been terrible for him. A story from that time tells that he had to slide on his knees down the main road to the transport truck. He was 78 years old when he died in Theresienstadt in 1942.
(1) Gendarmerie report from 28.4.1938 also quoted in: Jewish Life in Lockenhaus by Denise Steiger

According to contemporary witnesses, Dr. Süss had a second daughter, Piroska Süss, born in 1901, in addition to Irene Süss, and no data on her have been found to date.

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